Vision, mission and values


Sponda's vision is to be the first choice of business premise customers.

Business concept

Sponda is a leading property investment company specializing in ownership, development, and letting of commercial properties in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and in Tampere. Sponda develops operating environments that promote the business success of its customers.



Sponda grows and develops through innovations and by questioning the old way of doing things. For us, innovation means seeing the opportunities, understanding the needs of our customers, and thinking up solutions – being actively inventive. We aim to do things better and be trail-blazers – to see more than others and perceive things before everyone else.


At Sponda professionalism means continuous learning, so that we are the best at what we do. It is ambition and uncompromising professional pride. It is having insight, experience, ideas and communication. The benefits we bring our customers - the added value we generate - make us valued partners.


We do what we promise our customers. Always. When we notice that a customer has a problem, we take up the matter straight away, even if the customer has not noticed it yet. We eliminate risks before they become a problem. We observe good business practice in all our activities. We work openly and uprightly, as befits a reliable partner.